Q 1.How do I change my shipping address once my order is placed?


We can only update your shipping address before shipment.

To ensure that your package can be properly delivered, please ensure that your address is complete and correct with all information including apartment/suite/room numbers.

Once your package shipped, we will not be able to change the shipping address. And we are unable to cancel an order after shipment. Please keep an eye on your order status by checking "My Orders" to make sure you can receive your order.

Once your package shipped, we will not be able to change anything.

Q 2.How do I change/modify my order?

A Please note that we can help you modify your order before shipment.

It includes changing the size or the color of an item, removing an item, changing your shipping address.

Q 3.How do I track my orders?


Tracking your order is simple and easy to do.

First, we will send you an email letting you know once your order has shipped.

Second, you can log into your account and find all ORDER HISTORY 

Third, you can also send email to to find out about your order.

Q 4.How long does it take for my order to ship and arrive?


Usually it takes 1-2 days to process your order and about 2-5 days to deliver.

The tracking information will be sent to you by email once it's updated online.

Q 5.How do I cancel an order?


There are two types of order cancellations.                                  

Cancelling an unpaid order.  

An unpaid order will be canceled automatically after 24 hours. Please just ignore it.      

Cancelling a paid order.  

To cancel a paid order, you will need to email us at ASAP and send all the necessary information,BEFORE THE ORDER IS SHIPPED.

Here at CRESTLIVE PRODUCTS we cannot cancel orders which have been shipped out. In other words, once you receive our shipment notice, the order cannot be canceled. Then please wait for your package to arrive and you may either keep it or contact us to arrange "return for refund".

Q 6.Why didn't I get an email about my order being shipped?


We will send you an email once your order is shipped. If you never receive an email, you may have entered your email incorrectly or it may go to your spam folder. It normally takes 1-3 business days for us to process your order and we will then ship your package out. If you have not received an email about your order being shipped within 7 days of the date you place your order then please email us at

Q 7.Do all of your items ship from the USA?


Yes, we have several warehouses in US. Your items will be shipped from the nearest facility that stocks the item you ordered.

Q 8.What should I do if I did not receive a confirmation email?


If you have not received a confirmation email about your order, you may have registered your email incorrectly or the email might be in your spam folder. You may log into your account and click "ORDER HISTORY" button to see your orders. You may also email us at to find out more information about your order.



Q 1.Where can you ship to? I live in AK.


Sorry that we just ship to the continental U.S., not including AK, HI.

Q 2.How to change my shipping address?


If your order is paid successfully, you cannot change it directly on your end. Email us at and we can help you change the shipping address before shipment.

Q 3.Why is the tracking number not working?


When we ship our packages to you there are no further updates from the shipping company due to the fact that your package is in transit. Once it has reached the next sort facility it will update. It may take a couple of days (1-5 days) to see any activity once it has shipped out from our end.

Q 4.How come my package shows delivered but I have not received my package?


Packages might be delivered to your mail box or signed by your neighbors. We suggest you check in your mail box and with your neighbors first. If you cannot find it, check for your package with the shipping company then. Remember to bring your ID! If you still cannot find your package neither, please do not hesitate to email us at .

Q 5.Why was my package returned?


There are multiple reasons your package might have been returned to us.                     

Wrong or incomplete address   Invalid phone number                  Unable to deliver              

Please contact the shipping company for more information or email us at so that we may assist you better.

What should I do when tracking updates show my package was returned?

Please contact the shipping company and remember to provide your tracking number to find out more information. If you still cannot find your package, please email us at ASAP. We will try our best to resolve this issue.



Q 1.What is your return policy?


We provide 1-year guarantee to all our products, and 5-year guarantee to some products (check the product details carefully). We accept return for exchange and refund during the guarantee period.

Please email us at for the return procedure if you wanna return.

More details, you may please pay attention to our Return Policy.

I still haven't gotten the refund in card. What is status of my refund?

We usually issue a refund to your PayPal account in 48 hours. Please check your PayPal account carefully.

If you receive nothing refund in 72 hours, please feel free to email us at .

Q 2.How long does it take for my refund to be processed?


After we have received your return, it will take up to 1-2 business days to process the return and refund.

Once your refund has been issued, you will receive a confirmation email.

Q 3.How do I return an item?


If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you may request a return or exchange during the guarantee period after receiving your package.

Please email us at , indicate the order number, which items you would like to return and the reason for the return. You can find all SKU numbers on the shopping page.After confirmation, our service team will send you a return label. Please print it and make sure to attach the label to the outside of the return package.You may drop off the package to your nearest post office of call the post office to schedule a pickup of your return package.

Sorry, but we do not accept returned items that were sent back by you directly without checking with us first.

Q 4.Will I get full refund for my return?


Yes, we will offer a full refund on all items you returned. Our service team will state it clearly before you return.

Q 5.What if I received a defective/wrong/stained item?


Super easy. Just email us at for exchange or return.

If you have received a stained, defective item or an item you did not order, please just email us at . Please make sure to email us before returning anything so we can process the return or exchange for you and provide you information for the return or exchange.

When submitting the ticket, please provide a description of the item, SKU number and a few pictures.



Q 1.Am I able to be refunded the difference for a discount item?


We apologize for this inconvenience. However the price can be changed in different promotion plans, so we are not able to issue a refund for the difference. CRESTLIVE PRODUCTS reserves the right to change the promotion at any time with our sole discretion. Thank you for your understanding.

Q 2.Where are your products sent from?


We have several warehouses in US. Your items will be shipped from the nearest facility that stocks the item you ordered.

Q 3.Will you restock items that have sold out?


We do apologize for the inconvenience. If an item is marked as “Sold Out”, we suggest you check the site frequently within the next two weeks in case it restocks. However, if it does not restock within the next few weeks, it is likely to be removed from our online store.

Q 4.Why the color I received is so different from the picture on your site?


Due to take in sunlight and the monitor, pictures may have a slight chromatism problem. Thank you for your understanding.



Q 1.Will CRESTLIVE PRODUCTS save my personal information?


We respect your privacy and keep your personal information confidential.

When you visit our site, the information collected is stored by your browser, such as your name, phone number, postal code, and address. Cookies can be used to recognize your IP address and provide faster access to our site. You can restrict the use of cookies by changing the settings in your browser.

Note that this will limit your access to our site.

Outdoor Patio Furniture


Q 1.What types of outdoor patio furniture do you feature?


At CrestliveProducts, we feature all types of patio furniture such as aluminum, cast aluminum, wrought iron, resin wicker, teak, sling, and cushion.

All CrestliveProducts Outdoor Furniture carries everything you need for a fabulous outdoor living experience.

Q 2.Is your outdoor patio furniture only sold as sets?


No, at CrestliveProducts you can either purchase outdoor patio furniture as a set or our products are sold individually as well.

Q 3.Is this furniture made of recycled plastic material?


No, CrestliveProducts furniture is made of 100% first quality prime materials.

Other manufacturers may use recycled plastic materials and/or excessive amounts of calcium carbonate to reduce their costs and/or make the product feel heavier. Such a practice always results in an inferior product with no guarantee or consistency of performance for any type of use. It also makes the product unsafe, more brittle, and more prone to breakage.

Q 4.Will this furniture fade or discolor in the sun?


CrestliveProducts uses the most advanced ultraviolet light stabilizers to resist discoloration by the sunlight twice as long as retail grade plastic furniture.

Q 5.What is the best type of outdoor furniture?


Most high-quality outdoor furniture is designed to withstand the elements of nature, thus you should expect years of use from your patio furniture. While most manufacturers will offer 5, 10, 15, or even 20-year warranties on their products, more often than not, their product is made from materials that will extend the lifetime of the piece beyond their stated warranty period. In most cases, even if outdoor patio furniture is no longer covered under a manufacturer's warranty, it may be worth the investment to refurbish your old furniture. If the furniture is of a high-quality, you can often have the pieces powder-coated and replace the cushions for a fraction of what the item originally cost.

Q 6.What is the warranty on patio furniture?


Every patio furniture manufacturer offers a different warranty period for their products. Most high-quality outdoor furniture products will feature at least a 5-year warranty, while some may even offer a 15 or 20-year warranty on their outdoor furniture products.

Q 7.Does outdoor furniture rust?


The short answer is yes…and no. It all depends on the material that the outdoor furniture is made of.

Obviously, you don’t have to worry about rust on your patio furniture if it is made of a wicker or wood material, however, if you have metal patio furniture, the type of metal that it is made of will determine if it can rust. Outdoor furniture that is made of aluminum, both extruded or cast, will not rust because aluminum is a non-ferrous metal which means it has no iron in it. Outdoor furniture that is made of wrought iron or steel can possibly rust. Less expensive, inferior wrought iron or steel furniture is far more likely to rust than high-quality wrought iron or steel furniture. This happens because manufacturers of low-quality metal furniture often don’t take the necessary steps to protect the metal from the moisture. Quality iron or steel furniture will be far less likely to rust due to their primer and powder-coating processes during production.

Q 8.What is the best type of outdoor cushion material?


The best type of fabric for outdoor cushions is acrylic. Because acrylic fabric doesn’t contain any cotton, polyester, or olefin fiber, it will not mildew, stain or break-down as easily. Currently, the leading brand of acrylic outdoor fabric is Sunbrella. Sunbrella not only uses acrylic fabric, but they solution-dyed the material so that the color is solid throughout the fiber versus a pattern or color that is “printed” or “stamped” on the fabric after it has been woven. This is extremely beneficial because it ensures the fabric will be color-fast and will not fade over time and exposure to the elements.

Q 9.Does patio furniture get hot?


If your patio furniture is made of a metal frame it will get hot when in the direct sun. Some areas of the country are hotter than others, so obviously, your geographic location will make a big difference. Some metal furniture can retain heat more than others. For example, while aluminum furniture will be hot when in direct sunlight, it will cool down relatively quickly once it is in the shade or as the sunsets. Wrought iron and steel furniture will tend to hold the heat longer requiring a longer cooling period. A good example of this difference between the two metal types can be found in the kitchen. When aluminum foil is removed from an oven, it cools very quickly, while an iron skillet will take much longer to cool down.

Q 10.What kind of maintenance & care is required for patio furniture?


High-quality outdoor furniture is typically low-maintenance just by virtue of the materials the manufacturers use in production. While some types of furniture require more care than others, most often you can simply use a garden hose to rinse the furniture off and keep it dust-free. For more detailed instructions about outdoor furniture care and cleaning, please see our Patio Furniture Maintenance and Care instructions.

Q 11.Should I cover my outdoor patio furniture?


Although it isn’t necessary to cover your patio furniture, we recommend it. The materials our patio furniture is made of are selected for their durability and endurance. By covering your furniture, you will not only extend the lifetime of it, but you will also minimize the amount of cleaning and care your patio furniture will require to keep it looking like new.

Q 12.Is the fabric waterproof?


Technically we call it water-repellent, it can not stand the storm, and if there is a storm, the rain will go through the gap between the two top.

Patio Umbrella FAQ


Q 1. Is my patio umbrella built to shelter me from the rain?


No, patio umbrellas are built to shelter from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Although they are water resistant, patio umbrellas should not be left open during inclement weather.

Q 2. How do I clean my umbrella?


Start with a damp cloth to wipe down excess dust and dirt on the ribs and canopy. This will take off most if not all dirt. If dirt and blemishes persist, use soapy warm water and clean cloth. A hose will also work great for a quick clean. Stay clear of using any abrasive materials and harsh cleaning chemicals, as these cleaning agents could potentially damage your umbrella. To prolong your umbrella’s beautiful look, be sure to clean it before storing, especially for the winter or any extended period. Mud and debris left on a canopy over time become embedded in the fiber of the umbrella, creating mildew.

Q 3. Can I use my umbrella in the winter?


Absolutely! You can still enjoy your patio when it is cold out. Patio umbrellas are a great way to help stay warm while you enjoy your patio in the cooler months. A patio umbrella prevents heat from escaping upward, leaving the air under the umbrella warmer than the surrounding air. A canopy umbrella heater can strengthen this effect. This infrared heater is designed to vent heat downward from underneath the umbrella canopy.

Q 4. What size umbrella do I want?


This depends upon how much shade you are looking for. Generally, Patio Umbrellas are measured by their canopy diameter, but this can differ by manufacturer. To be on the safe side, you would want your umbrella’s canopy to be at least 3 ft larger than the area to be shaded. Consider this table below.

What needs Coverage:30 Inch or Smaller Café or Bistro Table and 2 Chairs. Umbrella Size:5-6ft

What needs Coverage:36 Inch or Smaller Café or Bistro Table and 2 Chairs. Umbrella Size:7ft

What needs Coverage:48 Inch Round or Square Dining Table and 4 Chairs. Umbrella Size:9-10ft

What needs Coverage:60 Inch Round or Square Dining Table and 6 Chairs or larger. Umbrella Size:11-12ft

Q 5.How do I know what size base I need?


If you plan on utilizing your umbrella through a table take that into consideration as an umbrella through a table is sturdier than a free standing umbrella thus needing less base weight. The table below is a minimum suggested base size chart. If you live in an area where strong winds are a frequent occurrence you should consider going with the next heavier weight up.

Umbrella Canopy Size (ft)——Utilizing——Minimum Suggested Base Size (bs)

6-Thru Table-30

6-Free standing-50

7-Thru Table-30

7-Free standing-50

7.5-Thru Table-30

7.5-Free standing-50

8-Thru Table-50

8-Free standing-75

9-Thru Table-50

9-Free standing-75

10-Thru Table-50

10-Free standing-75

11-Thru Table-50

11-Free standing-75

Q 6.Umbrella Bases


The base of your umbrella is one of the most important factors. If your base is not heavy enough, your umbrella will flop and fly in the wind. Below you can find the suggested Umbrella Base Weight Recommendations:

•20 lb. Base – Used for smaller table umbrellas. Only suitable for 6′ table umbrellas.

•30 lb Base – Used for 6.5′ table umbrellas.

•40 lb Base – Minimum weight for free standing umbrellas up to 4.5′. Can be used for table umbrellas up to 7.5′.

•50 lb Base – Accommodates up to 7.5′ free standing outdoor umbrellas. Can also be used for table umbrellas up to 9′.

•70+ lb Base – These bases can be used for most free standing umbrellas up to 11′. If you live in areas that experience high winds, you should consider a commercial cantilever outdoor umbrella.

Q 7. Will my patio umbrella fade?


Yes, but only gradually after years of exposure to direct sunlight. Most manufacturers offer at least a 1-year warranty against fading. Higher grade fabrics, offer 3- and 5-year warranties, respectively.

Q 8. Can my patio umbrella stay outside during the whole summer?


Your patio umbrella can stay outside during the whole summer without any problems. When there are upcoming strong winds it is advisable to close the sun shade or to dismantle it completely if necessary.

Q 9. Are there spare parts available for my patio umbrella?


No, we don’t sell spare parts or replacement. We only sell completed patio umbrellas.

Q 10. Do you make repairs?


No, but if there is a problem with something you purchased, let us know and we will take care of it.

Q 11. What UV % will this umbrella block?


This depends upon the canopy fabric. Most fabrics will provide 90% UV protection or greater. When enjoying your patio umbrella be sure to take into consideration reflection from the ground or nearby water as this UV source will be coming from the ground up, and will not be blocked by your umbrella.

Q 12. What is a solar powered umbrella


This solar LED patio umbrella perfects for picnics, camping, playgrounds or any outdoor space. It not only can provides plenty of shade keeps you cool on hot summer days but also built-in twinkling lights create romantic lighting in the evening. Let your families or friends enjoy yourselves at anytime. The solar panel provides a glowing light that lasts 9-12 hours and the LED lights will provide about 15,000 hours of use. This umbrella also features a solid resin hub, push button coupling and plastic housing for durability and ease.

Q 13. What is a market umbrella?


A market umbrella is a style of patio umbrella that would closely resemble a hand held umbrella that would be used in the rain. Market umbrellas have a pole in the middle of the canopy for support and do not have an overhang or valance around the edge of the umbrella.

Q 14. What is an offset or cantilever patio umbrella?


Offset or cantilever umbrellas support a hanging canopy from above, with the umbrella pole to the side -- meaning there is no pole in the middle of the shade. This design makes the offset umbrella unique, popular, and versatile. Sitting under an offset umbrella is not much different than sitting under an awning or covered porch, because of the lack of a center pole. It would be ideal for shading a table without an umbrella hole, a hot tub, or portion of your pool. It can also easily rotate to provide shade as the sun moves during the day. If you live in area where high winds are frequent, this might not be the best choice for you, as their design makes them more vulnerable to gusts. Be sure to secure your offset patio umbrella with a heavy base, or fasten it to the ground. Offset umbrellas require more base weight than freestanding umbrellas, and tend to be a bit pricier.

Q 15. What is push button patio umbrella?


The term “Push Button Tilt” can be a bit deceptive. When the button is pushed, the umbrella ribs will unlock, giving you the ability to tilt the canopy to the desired position. A drawback of the push button design is that there are only 2 or 3 pivotal points offered.

Q 16. What is the difference between umbrella fabrics?


When considering a fabric, keep in mind your intended usage, storage and application. If you plan on using your umbrella year round, commercially, or just want to extend the life your umbrella, durable fabrics are ideal. If you plan on storing your umbrella during the winter or periods of disuse, consider a thinner, less expensive fabric, such as spun polyester.

•Sunbrella Fabric

•100% Solution-dyed acrylic fabric that will withstand sun, wind, rain and mildew

•Water-repellant finish (hinders the penetration of water)

•Tested to provide 98% protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays

•Acclaimed as the foremost provider of outdoor fabric

•3-Year warranty against fading

•Great for commercial or frequent use


•Solution-dyed to retain fiber built to retain color and vibrancy.

•Will resists stains, mildew, and abrasions however difficult to clean

•2-year warranty against fading but has a lower UV tolerance than Acrylic

•Will not retain moisture and will dries quickly

•A great economical alternative to the higher priced acrylic fabrics

Solution-Dyed Polyester.

•Higher quality color and more fade-resistant than spun polyester

•Strong resistance to abrasion

•Overall a higher grade of polyester

•Resistant to mildew

Q 17. What pole or frame material should I use?



Aluminum patio umbrellas have a sleek modern vibe that complements minimalist decor and wide open spaces. This alloy is inexpensive, lightweight and durable, which make it a great choice for outdoor shades. Most aluminum frames are powder-coated or anodized to resist corrosion and other signs of wear. Aluminum is inherently malleable and strong, so it can be shaped into extremely dynamic and interesting shapes that wood cannot attain. It also comes in a wide variety of finishes, which helps it coordinate with other furniture pieces. Aluminum will not break in high winds, although it can warp after prolonged exposure over a long period of time. Aluminum frames and poles also tend to offer many features, such as crank lifts and tilting.


Outdoor umbrellas with fiberglass poles and frames are among the most durable on the market. Fiberglass is lightweight, strong and far more flexible than wood or aluminum. This flexibility allows it to bend without breaking, in even the most severe wind storms. Additionally, fiberglass does not rust or rot, so it even performs well in wet conditions. While it tends to be more expensive than the other material options, its ability to withstand extreme weather conditions for years make it a strong investment in the long run. Fiberglass umbrellas are available in a variety of colors, which helps them blend into any outdoor color palette. Many modern patio umbrellas pair fiberglass ribs with aluminum poles to reap the benefits of both materials. Tilt and crank lift features are also available on most fiberglass umbrellas.

Q 18. How long will the battery hold a charge?


The 2000 mah Lithium Ion built in battery will hold its charge for 100 hours without sunlight.

Q 19.Is there a continuous charge when in direct sunlight?


While the umbrella is in the sun, the battery is constantly charging to allow the consumers devices uninterrupted charging.

Q 20. How long can the LED lights stay on when the sun is not shining?


The LED lights can stay on for 100 hours when the built in 2000mah Lithium Ion battery is fully charged.

Q 21. Can the Umbrellas be charged and used indoors?


Our umbrellas are great for power outages during or after storms and disasters which is a very important safety feature as communication is key during times of disaster. You can lean the umbrella against your window from inside your house and it will charge the battery, which will allow the consumer to continue using and charging their devices in times of need.

Wicker Furniture FAQ


Q 1. What is wicker?


Wicker is best described as anything that is woven. Natural wicker can be made from rattan or any wood type products that are small and easily woven. These are usually woven on rattan frame. Synthetic wicker made from resins and woven on aluminum frames is also available allowing this wicker to be used totally outdoors.

Q 2. What kinds of materials are used in the product?


Frames are constructed of powder coated aluminum know for being sturdy, yet light weight. All-weather wicker is made of polyethylene fiber and carefully woven by hand. For specific details, please contact our customer service.

Q 3. How long will it last?


Rattan or natural wicker furniture can last for years. If used indoors, it is not unusual for it to last 20 - 30 years +. Cushions last from 5 - 15 years depending on usage and exposure and can be easily replaced. Synthetic wicker also will last for many years and its cushions can also be replaced.

Q 4. Can I use this furniture outdoors?


Since the 1800's, wicker furniture has adorned the front porches of America's finest homes. Wicker Furniture can be used in any covered area. If you wish to have extra protection from the elements or to use the furniture in an uncovered area, you should choose synthetic wicker or resin wicker furniture.

Q 5. I would like to put a wicker set in my screened-in porch; however it can get very cold/hot. Will the temperature have any effect on the wicker?


Wicker furniture is not adversely affected by either cold or hot temperature. In our more than twenty years in business, we have warehoused wicker furniture in areas without climate control, and have observed no negative effects on the furniture.

Q 6. Do I have to put the furniture together?


All furniture is fully assembled and put together unless otherwise noted. All you need to do is take the furniture out of the boxes and enjoy it!

Q 7. How do I care for wicker furniture?


In order for wicker patio furniture to remain in good condition, it is essential to clean it regularly. Because it is subjected to outside elements, the furniture needs to be wiped and dusted more often than indoor furnishings do. Owners should clean spills up immediately so that they do not get embedded in the wicker. Wicker can be gently wiped with a soft cloth soaked in a gentle dish detergent and water solution to effectively remove dirt and dust from the surfaces and crevices of the furniture. Using large amounts of water throughout the cleaning process should be kept at a minimum to avoid potential water damage. It can also be refreshed with a new coat of paint, followed by a coat of sealant or shellac.

When not in use, wicker patio furniture should be kept out of direct sunlight. Although wicker material does well in humid conditions, it is important to limit sun exposure in order to preserve the life of the furniture. Large amounts of sunlight can cause dry rot and severely reduce the look and function of the furniture.

Q 8. Wicker Color Options


We offer two wicker color options – Black and Mixed Brown.

Black option is hand woven with a single shade of black wicker for uniformed appearance. The wicker is smooth to the touch which adds to the contemporary and modern aesthetics.

Mixed Brown option is hand woven with multiple shades of brown – caramel, brown and espresso brown – to yield a beautiful, multi-tonal appearance. The wicker is slightly textured which adds to the sophisticated aesthetics.

Q 9.Can I paint the wicker?


No, we do not recommend painting the wicker. Wicker can be ordered in different colors as special orders. Please contact our customer service for more details.

Q 10. What should I be aware of when buying wicker furniture?


There is a lot of wicker furniture available. The far majority is inexpensivly made and is therefore offered with an inexpensive price. Most of what is inexpensive because quality is not built into this furniture, therefore with less quality you should expect that this furniture will quickly become less attractive and have issues fairly quickly.For nice quality made rattan wicker furniture, look for well known furniture brands/manufacturers.

Unable to find satisfactory answers ? Contact Support